Untitled 1992/2006

Installation with plywood and corrugated steel box, soundtrack, light, and perfume. 2006, Association of Icelandic Visual Artists Residency Show, Reykjavik

The visitor first encounters an audible but unidentifiable rumble when approaching the minimalist construction of the box (modeled after Donald Judd’s “Untitled” 1992 plywood wall piece, owned by the Safn collection in Reykjavik). The rumble is the sound of the old radio antennas, no longer in use but still vibrating through the rooms of the converted coast guard building that both inspired and displays the installation.

The box is proportional to the Judd original, but it uses the typically Icelandic building material of corrugated, zinc-galvanized steel, and it is scaled up so that a person can fit inside. Once inside the box, the visitor experiences a constellation of sound, light, and scent that speaks to the Icelandic environment, yet creates space for a range of personal experience.

Scent of dried fish, rose hip, ocean. Courtesy of CBIHatePerfume.