Bloom Dates links

Some links related to Bloom Dates

EPA Bloom Dates maps
[click on Figure 3. Change in First Bloom Date to see the map reproduced on the vases]

Miss Kim lilac info

Victorian flower language

What does the lilac mean in the language of flowers?

Two versions of lilac chemistry

The Chemical Compounds Behind the Smell of Flowers

National Phenology Network

NPN visualization tool

Nature’s Notebook
[I didn’t use this but it’s worth checking out.]

Budburst – description of phenology

The data I collected on Budburst

Short introduction to smell, memory and pre-conditioning

Olfaction, Plants, and World Memory

Some data mapping tools

What is observed is not nature itself, but nature exposed to our method of questioning.
Werner Heisenberg 1958.

May 2024, by Miriam Songster, at Olfactory Arts Keller
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