Various Links

This is a list I put together in 2015 and it needs updating. But it might include some unknowns worth discovering for the lay person interested in the intersection of scent and art…

Sensorial Mapping

Jason Logan’s smell map of NYC

Perfume map of Britain

Kate McLean’s sensory maps

Janet Cardiff’s walks

On Looking: Eleven Walks with Expert Eyes, by Alexandra Horowitz (see chapter “A Dog’s-Nose View”), and interview on Slate.


Art / Scent

Belle Haleine – The scent of art,” at Museum Tinguely

Maki Ueda

Josely Carvalho, installations and smell tours

Sissel Tolaas, Interview; Talking Nose, Mexico City; Scents of Berlin (with Geza Schoen)

The Smelling Committee at the Conflux Festival 2006

A Whiff of Revolution: New York artist Lisa Kirk bottles the smell of war

Nadia Wagner, installation and Notes on Scent

Robots with “sweat glands”

“You Are Here” at Pratt Institute, including Scratch ‘N Sniff NYC by Nicola Twilley

Ashley Rowe Cappi

Helga Griffiths

The Institute for Art and Olfaction

Headspace (symposium): On Scent as Design

Museum of Art and Design exhibit, “The Art of Scent”

Gayil Nalls, Ph.D

Everything, by Lernert and Sander


Scent-Related Research and Articles

University of Florida researchers use ‘peanut butter’ test to help diagnose Alzheimer’s disease and why you shouldn’t do the test at home.

Sense of Smell Project at the University of Avans

Givaudan and JWT develop “Smell Memory Kits” to help Alzheimer’s patients

Fragrant Cities – Relationships between smell and urban environments. Research by Victoria Henshaw, at the University of Manchester.

Smell and the city blog

Study Uncovers Memory Aid: A Scent During Sleep – New York Times

Olfactory Stimuli May Affect Dreams

Human scent tracking

Essays from the Concordia University Sensoria Research Team (CONSERT)

Vosshall Lab of Neurogenetics and Behavior at The Rockefeller University

Articles about smell and memory, at The Fragrance Foundation

Sniffing out the Brain’s Predictive Power: Human Brain ‘Smells’ What It Expects Rather Than What It Sniffs

National Geographic Odor Study

Scientific America blog post on human and dog smell

The Impact of Natural Odors on Affective States in Humans

Effects of Fragrance on Emotions: Moods and Physiology

Quantum smell idea gains ground


Other Items of Interest

How Two Perfumers Brought Valentino’s “Mirabilia Romae” Exhibition to Life Through Scent

Axes of Evil. What happens when a grown woman wears Axe fragrance for an entire week?

Wind Map

Janine Antoni “Slumber”, Gnaw, and Interview in Bomb Magazine

Carsten Höller’s Revolving Hotel Room
NY Magazine
Travel and Leisure

Lady Gaga “Fame” perfume launch event

NASA Unveils Chemical-Sniffing Device for the iPhone

CB I Hate Perfume

Cognitive Atlas. A collaborative knowledge building project around the state of current thought in cognitive science.

In Defense of the Artist Statement


University of Illinois book series on Studies in Sensory History

The Smell Culture Reader, Jim Drobnick

Odor Sensation and Memory, Trygg Engen

The Scent of Desire: Discovering Our Enigmatic Sense of Smell, Rachel Herz

The Perfect Scent: A Year Inside the Perfume Industry in Paris and New York, Chandler Burr

The Emperor of Scent, Chandler Burr

Essence and Alchemy: A Natural History of Perfume, Mandy Aftel

The Secret of Scent: Adventures in Perfume and the Science of Smell, Luca Turin

The Fragrant Past: Perfumes of Cleopatra and Julius Caesar, Giuseppe Donato and Monique Seefried

Perfume and Flavor Materials of Natural Origin, Steffen Arctander

Reading list on the culture of smell, at Scented Pages