Timed atmospheric scents, 2023, for the play Clyde’s at Studio Theater, Washington, DC

Clyde’s is a play written by Pulitzer Prize-winner Lynn Nottage, set in a truck stop where the ex-cons running the kitchen bond over the trials and tribulations of making the perfect sandwich under very imperfect conditions. The director Candis C. Jones was looking for consultants to design and execute a scent experience as part of the March 1 – April 9, 2023 production at the Studio Theatre in Washington DC. Those consultants ended up being Dr. Kate McLean and myself.

After spending some time with the script Kate and I identified key moments where we thought scent would enhance the emotional impact of the play. These ideas were tested with a small audience in the theater space, then fine tuned during technical rehearsals. Ultimately scents were included during specific scenes and also during the entrance and exit of the audience.

Scents used: Thyme, patchouli, chocolate, toasted bread, fennel

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